Services We Provide

Staff Augmentation

Synergy Consultants, LLC uses inside knowledge of the Information Technology field to recruit, train and place qualified IT associates at organizations with an expressed need.

All associates go through a rigorous screening process to validate not only their knowledge on the required subject matter, but also the content of their character. Our screeners have a combined 25 years hands-on experience within the field. This enables us to be personally engaged in the process, efficiently identify skills without the use of error proned software prone or market buzz words.

Synergy Consultants, LLC meets with organizations that have expressed a need for staff augmentation and collaboratively determines how to best fill that need. Our professionals are not only well versed in day-to-day technical aspects of Information Technology, but high level conceptualization as well. This allows us to interpret the end user’s request, identifying current and potential needs and breaks them down to a methodological level.

Associates at Synergy Consultants, LLC who demonstrate potential for success but may be lacking necessary skills have the option of obtaining Microsoft certification in an identified high need area or go through our internal mentorship program. Financial aid may be available for certain Microsoft certification courses.